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Spring & Fall Yard Clean Up

Welcome to St. Croix Lawn Maintenance, where we take pride in being your dependable ally for year-round lawn care excellence. As the seasons change, so do the needs of your outdoor sanctuary, and our commitment to elevating your space remains unwavering. Embrace the rejuvenation of your lawn with our specialized spring and fall clean-up services. From refreshing the soil to clearing away seasonal debris, our team of dedicated professionals ensures your lawn emerges vibrant and renewed, ready to thrive in every season. Discover the tailored care your property deserves, and join us in the pursuit of a resilient, picturesque landscape that captivates in both spring and fall.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups

Spring Clean-Up Services:

  • Debris Removal: Our meticulous spring clean-up involves the thorough removal of debris from your lawn and flower beds, eliminating leaves, sticks, and any accumulated remnants from the winter months.

  • Plant Cutbacks: In the rejuvenating months of April and May, we focus on expert plant cutbacks, ensuring that your landscape is primed for renewed growth. Our skilled team trims and shapes shrubs, ornamental grasses, and other plants, fostering not only a tidy appearance but also setting the stage for a vibrant, flourishing garden.


  • Dethatching for Vibrancy: In the months of April and May, we employ specialized equipment to expertly remove thatch layers, promoting healthy growth and contributing to the lush, green appearance of your lawn.

Fall Clean-Up Services:

  • Leaf and Debris Removal: As autumn sets in, our fall clean-up service takes center stage, diligently clearing your lawn and garden of leaves, sticks, and debris. This meticulous process prepares your property for the colder months ahead.

  • Grass and Shrub Maintenance: Prepare your landscape for winter with our fall clean-up, including cutting back grasses and shrubs. This ensures not only a tidy appearance but also sets the stage for healthy regrowth come spring.

  • Gutter Cleaning: As part of our comprehensive fall clean-up, we take care of the often-overlooked aspect of gutter cleaning. Ensuring that gutters are free of debris is vital for the proper drainage of rainwater, preventing potential issues in the upcoming season.

Embark on a seasonal journey with St. Croix Lawn Maintenance, where our spring and fall clean-up services are tailored to nurture the vitality and beauty of your outdoor space. Let us enhance the health and aesthetic appeal of your property, ensuring it thrives in every season.

Before photo of fall leaf clean up on a beauiful lawn in Hudson Wisconsin

Our Clean Up

Service Locations

***Note, for Weekly & Bi- Weekly Mowing we currently only service Hudson & River Falls & New Richmond, Wi.***

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